About us


Tianjin Fengchuan Chemical Reagent Co., Ltd. is restructured from and inherits all essences such as employees, technologies, process and equipment of Tianjin Chemical Reagent Third Factory. Today’s Fengchuan Company is yesterday’s Reagent Third Factory. There are now more than 130 employees and above 50 percent are technicians, advanced monitoring equipment and test methods, and perfect quality assurance system including quality management system, environmental management system, and occupation health and safety management system certifications. Moreover, the company has got national high-tech enterprise title. It is vice chairman unit of Tianjin Safety Production Management Association and chairman unit of Tianjin Chemical Reagent Association.

The company mainly specializes in producing general reagent, fine chemical, high-purity reagent and other products to match production of aerospace, aviation, electron, textile, pharmaceutical, machinery and other industries. It firstly achieves all qualifications for the research and production of weapons and equipment in national defense industry among all Tianjin private enterprises and has made certain contribution for the cause of Chinese national defense. At parent, the company sets great store by application of scientific research in civil-military dual use and atmospheric controlling products and has obtained obvious achievements.